Monday, April 15, 2013

Lets Harvest

OK.. All this while I had been wondering how to grow tomatoes and herbs in my garden... When one fine day I walked past a beautiful nursery.. There I saw so many vegetable plants growing in water containers... The blue kinda which we use for office dispensers... Yeah!!! How creative people get am truly amazed. So I asked the guy in charge about how, what, when... And everything related to the seed and potting soil I could think of... Picked up so many beautiful seed packets of  vegetable and potted plants of orange, sweet lime, guava, chikoo (sapota), strawberries.

Off I went home and prepared my soil, pots, and watered the soil.. Waited till the next day to plant the seeds...and then watered my fruit plants and seeded pots patiently... Every single day... I would go and check whether the seeds have new buds popping out or not... And believe me after 12 full days there the hiding heads emerged from soil... holding there heads higher and higher they went on to grow!!!

So first one in the lot are tomatoes... am very fond of growing this fruit... yes guys its actually a fruit.
And it truly is very forgiving one,  if you skip watering once in a while due to a certain hold up.. plus the red juicy fruit of your hard labour...  Indeed they wax so fast you wont believe..Check out my Tomato plants and cherry tomato harvest.. 

And these little fellows they look like grapes... My daughter was so excited when we plucked them... mamma look we've got gapes too... Cherry toamatoes...
A basket full of tomatoes.. they were around 700 gms just from one plant.. Yummy!

After some days of keeping them in the warmest kitchen corner... they started turning red. :

 Now next i would like to present my bell peppers and chilli plant...


Well in the next post I will give you the tour of my fruit garden... Hope you guys enjoyed it? Do you guys like growing plants? How and where do you grow? What all do you have in your garden? Any tips and suggestions are most welcome... Do share your stories i would like to read them all.
Enjoy Have a wonderful Day all you people...

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